Dongwu machinery won the bidding of sinopec and petrochina general process valve framework agreement

Recently, wujiang city dongwu machinery co., LTD. Received many good news: the company successively won the bid of "China petroleum and natural gas co., LTD., 2018 centralized valve procurement tender" and "China petrochemical co., LTD., 2018 general process valve framework agreement".

In May 2018, the bidding for the valve frame of petrochina and sinopec, the top 10 companies in the global top 500, started. Soochow machinery, as a first-level supplier of petrochina and sinopec and a member of the framework over the years, participated in this bidding and strive to be a finalist. For this reason, the leadership of soochow machinery decided to set up a special bidding team, which implemented each link step by step from platform operation, tender preparation to item by item audit, and never slack in every detail. After the strict selection of the evaluation groups of petrochina and sinopec, dongwu machinery finally stood out among many bidders and won the bidding successfully.

Successive successful bids are no accident. This is the result of the efforts of all members of the bidding team of soochow machinery, and also reflects the overall strength of the "wu brand" safety valve. The successful entry of the framework means that soochow machinery has a solid position in the safety valve industry, laying a solid foundation for the company's business development in the future, and leading the company to a higher and further tomorrow. Soochow machinery will take this opportunity to further comprehensively improve product quality and provide customers with safer products and better services.
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