The first batch of units with the production license of safety valve of the Ministry of electrical and mechanical safety in China.

Founded in 1954, Wujiang Dong Wu Machinery Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 60 years. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of safety valves. The company is located in the high and New Technology Industrial Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, which is located in the river, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is the central area of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle in the east of Shanghai, the West on the Taihu, the south to Zhejiang, and the Suzhou in the north.

With superior geographical environment, heavy historical background, advanced technology and equipment, and first-class service quality, the Wu brand safety valve of Soochow machinery occupies an important place in the industry. Over the years, the products are in Jilin petrochemical, Dalian petrochemical, Guangxi petrochemical, Dushanzi petrochemical, Ningxia petrochemical, Yanshan petrochemical, Tianjin petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical, Maoming petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical, Zhenhai oil refining, Qingdao big oil refining, integration, Huizhou oil refining and other large oil, Sinopec, CNOOC. Enterprises are widely used. The nuclear safety valves produced by the company have been used in the one or two phase of Pakistan's Qia Ma and Karachi, Qinshan, Fang Jiashan, Fuqing, Tianwan, three, Haiyang, Hongyan, Taishan, and dustproof port.


Enterprise introduction

The first batch of units with the production license of safety valve of the Ministry of electrical and mechanical safety in China.

At present, the Soochow machinery has more than 160 employees, covering an area of more than 30000 square meters, the existing more than 13000 square meters of gold processing, nuclear power special valve processing, assembly, heat treatment and other workshop and chemical analysis, physical test, measurement, nondestructive testing four rooms, various kinds of gold cutting machine equipment more than 160 sets, testing equipment more than 30 units (such as alloy points) A complete performance test device for the cold state (gaseous, liquid) of the safety valve, and a total performance test device for about 40000000 yuan at 450 and 25MPa, has been accepted and put into use at the beginning of 2014. The company's annual production capacity is 30 thousand. The products include WF series, nuclear grade safety valve series, oil refining special safety valve series, respiratory valve series, special safety valve series and national standard series six categories. The path is from DN15 to 500MM ("20"), and the pressure varies from 0.04 to 76.0MPa (150Lb to 4500Lb). Products are strictly designed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with GB12241~12243-2005, API520, 526, 527 and ASME BPVC I, III, VIII and other standards. This series of advanced equipment and excellent technology provide a strong guarantee for the production of various types of safety valves.

The Soochow machinery is the first unit in the country to have the production license of the mechanical and electrical safety valve. After joining the first level supply network and energy No. 1 network of China Petroleum and natural gas group, the company has become a member factory of the material equipment of China Petrochemical Group and the state power material and material company. In 1998, on the basis of ISO9001 quality system certification, the company obtained the certificate of ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system. In 2002, the company obtained the "People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license" and the civil nuclear pressure equipment issued by the National Nuclear Safety Bureau in 2004. Design and manufacture license for nuclear 2 and 3 safety valves. The company's safety valve products have obtained 32 patent certificates, 2 products are listed in the national Torch Program, 7 products are rated as national high and new technology products, and the Soochow machinery is a national hi-tech enterprise. It has been appraised as the "heavy contract, the credit" enterprise for many years, and the famous brand products of Jiangsu have been obtained. Title。

Tireless and safe. After gaining considerable achievements and many honours, the machinery of Soochow did not satisfy the status quo, but looked ahead and continued to innovate. After signing a cooperation agreement with East China University of Science and Technology in 2010, the company developed and developed the high temperature, high pressure safety valve and nuclear power regulator safety valve, and the thermal full performance testing device of the safety valve in the petrochemical and electric industries. In 2011, the company joined with the Suzhou NEW valve. Practice experience, perfect management mechanism, in order to create the international first-class safety valve brand, achievements of well-known enterprises as the mission, forge ahead, and strive to provide customers with a safe, reliable safety valve series products.
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