Quality control and control

             It is the quality policy of Soochow machinery. We set up an internal quality assurance system and implement comprehensive and whole-process quality management to meet the requirements of national standards and customers. Dongwu Machinery has advanced testing center, cold and hot full performance testing center and advanced testing equipment, and can independently complete all the testing and testing from the prototype test certification to the final factory inspection; these testing and testing include: X-ray testing, coloring testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing. Flaw detection, spectral analysis, material identification (PMI), metallographic examination, various mechanical properties test, safety valve cold, hot full performance test, displacement test, factory inspection, product life test, etc., from raw material production to finished product storage effective management and control of each process.
  • 01- full performance thermal test room main control room

  • Full performance of 02- full performance thermal test room

  • 03- full performance cold test room main control room

  • Cold state laboratory of 04- full performance safety valve

  • Microhardness tester

  • Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo spring pressure test machine

  • Digital display type spring tension test machine

  • Manual spring test machine

  • leeb hardness tester

  • Tensile test machine

  • Helium leak detector

  • A spectrometer

  • Impact test machine

  • HR-150A hardness meter

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