Dongwu Machinery Co-sponsored "Craftsman Star" Professional Skills Competition for Safety Valve Advanced Overhaul

From November 26 to November 27, the Shenzhen Skills Competition, sponsored by Shenzhen Human Resources Guarantee Bureau, sponsored by Zhongguang Nuclear Power Operating Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by Wujiang Dongwu Machinery Co., Ltd., was held in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station from March 3, 2008. More than 100 competitors from more than 10 enterprises competed fiercely, and finally the Deputy soldier from Zhongguang Nuclear Power Operating Co., Ltd. won the first place, and won the title of "Craftsman Star" and the prize of 100,000 yuan.
This competition's advanced overhaul of industrial system safety valve is widely used in maintenance of special high-pressure equipment. As a co-sponsor of the competition, Dongwu Machinery provided all safety valves for the competition. At the same time, General Engineer Yun Xiaofeng was invited to serve as a member of the referee team. In order to ensure that the safety valve arrived at the competition site on time, Dongwu Machinery carefully organized production, overtime, quality and quantity to complete the production task. At the same time, the stable and reliable safety valve product quality of Dongwu Machinery has been highly recognized by the competition affairs team, the referee team and the competitors. Dongwu Machinery actively co-sponsored the contest, played a good product publicity effect, and played a good role in promoting the company's product sales.
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