After-sale service

The first batch of units with the production license of safety valve of the Ministry of electrical and mechanical safety in China.

The Soochow machinery is a national high and new technology enterprise, the Suzhou safety valve engineering technology research center, the first batch of unit with the production license of the mechanical and electrical safety valve in the whole country, and also the valve branch of the general machinery industry association of China and the member unit of the China nuclear energy industry, with the material supply of the China Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Corporation. Certificate of entry is a qualified supplier of CNNC. For many years, it was appraised as the "heavy contract and credit" enterprise in Suzhou. The spring type safety valve produced by our company was awarded the title of famous brand products in Jiangsu province. In October 2004, the Bureau of industry and Commerce of Suzhou city of Jiangsu province was identified as the exemption enterprise, and the provincial torch project and the national torch project certificate were obtained in 2006. In 09 months of 2012, it was recognized by the State Energy Bureau for making important contributions to the localization of key valves in super critical thermal power unit, and won the famous brand name of Jiangsu Province in December 2013. The company pays attention to the construction of harmonious labor relations, and has been awarded the title of harmonious labor relations in Suzhou for many years and won the Suzhou labor security A-level credit unit.
  • Product after-sales service commitment:

    1, the warranty period of the company is 18 months from the date of arrival or 12 months, whichever comes first.

    2. This product is subject to the normal operating conditions stipulated in the installation and maintenance manual, and during the warranty period, the quality problem is caused by the company's warranty or replacement. The maintenance cost or replacement fee is charged at a certain cost beyond the quality problem caused by the quality warranty or failure to install the maintenance manual.

    3. If this product fails in the process of use, the company has arrived at the scene in 48 hours after receiving the telephone or other means of notification from the user.

  • The maintenance and maintenance of the safety valve:

    Maintenance and maintenance of safety valves: in order to ensure reliable operation and prolong the service life of safety valves, the following points should be used:

    1, must have trained personnel to maintain the safety valve, before dismantling the equipment must be pressure relief, to ensure that the safety valve without pressure.

    2. Regularly check the abnormal phenomena such as leakage, blocking and spring corrosion in the operation, and observe whether the screw or other locking mechanism can be loosened, and appropriate measures should be taken in time to find the problem.

    3, regularly remove the safety valve for comprehensive cleaning, inspection and re grinding, and then reused after the pressure is fixed.

    4, installation of outdoor safety valve should take appropriate protective measures to prevent rain, fog, dust, rust and other dirt into the safety valve and discharge pipe. When the environment is below zero centigrade, the necessary anti freezing measures should also be taken to ensure the reliability of the operation of the safety valve.

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